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Craft Competition 2021

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Career Trajectory with Monica is presenting a craft competition.

The theme of the competition is Saffron colour. The colour Saffron can exude positivity and boosts people's energy. Saffron is a tone of golden yellow and orange resembling the colour of the tip of the saffron crocus thread, from which the spice saffron is derived. It so symbolizes the blessings of our Gurus and Sages. Fire burns away the darkness and brings light and it is symbolic of knowledge burning up the ignorance. In the Indian national flag, each colour represents something different - Saffron colour represents courage and sacrifice. So show your passion for creating in this competition.

The participants have to create anything with their creativity. The only constraint is that it should be of saffron colour.

The participants should be between grade 3-5.

Submit the picture of your creation in this google form.

The first, second and third prize will be decided by the jury.

Exciting prizes will be given to each winner.

You can use any craft articles like:


Ice cream sticks


Origami Sheets




Handmade sheet

and so on... Run your creative mind and make something saffron.

Terms and Conditions:

By entering the Contest, Participant accepts the hereby mentioned Terms and Conditions.

1. No copying allowed

2. No Entry fee.

3 The deadline for submitting the entry is 8th January 2021. Any entry after deadlines will not be accepted.

4. The declaration of the result will be done on 12th January 2021

5. The jurisdiction of the jury will be final and non-challengeable.

6.All the entries received will be the property of Career Trajectory with Monica.

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