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Services We Provide


Helping you guide towards roads that best fits your profile

Career Mentoring

Assisting you find best career options from all possible best fit scenarios so that you're focused on yourself

Portfolio Building

Giving you a headstart by designing the world-class portfolio with our best research for over 18+ years

"An organization's success is a direct result of the team's collective efforts," the adage goes. 
As a result of its commitment to this guiding principle, Career Trajectory with Monica has focused its efforts on hand-selecting accomplished experts in the fields of education, career counselling, yoga meditation, life coaching, motivational speakers, soft skills trainers, IELTS trainers, resume strategists, public speaking trainers, MUN trainers, and guides on exams like the SAT, TOEFL, etc. in addition to assisting its students in portfolio building and writing SOPs in accordance with the highest standards."

Career Development Mentoring brings with it a lot of benefits to the mentee especially for students facing environmental problems and behavioural issues. A mentoring program for career development is inclusive of various elements which assist in the development of various facets of skill sets required for a desired career path. The process involves performing a rough SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses,  Opportunities and Challenges) analysis of mentee and then trying to match the mentee with the desired mentor to enable learning and enhancement of skills. A mentor can assist the mentee by providing training to overcome their challenges and strengthen their skills. The mentors clearly define the career goals, and they are documented which enables to achieve a success rate towards the desired aim. 
By creating  SMART goals with the mentors, we stay in focus as well as it helps build trust and gives direction to the intended path with a defined timeline. The right mentorship program can become a powerful tool – it can result to great success rate and a satisfactory outcome. During the program, the mentee get acquainted with their goal, what to look up to, awareness about one’s strengths and abilities and scope of improvement. Career Trajectory with Monica offers one on one mentoring sessions with students dealing with fear, anxiety, relationship management, stress management, communication skills and talking right, dressing appropriately, Vedic maths and many such areas of expertise. The learning outcomes that will be seen is improved scores, increased confidence, and enhanced personality with the ability to handle situations mindfully. 

Foreign Applications Process

For any foreign student desirous of applying in universities abroad, it is imperative to make informed choices. 
The university application process abroad involves complex steps which require careful study and organisation of thoughts and goals of individual applying. Thus, it is important we take time out to understand the requirements and parameters we must work on to have our applications accepted. 
At Career Trajectory with Monica, our team takes this process with utmost sincerity and each stage is personally thought through along with one on one guidance. 
 Following are the broad stages we follow to assist incorrect selection of universities and course with a successful success rate:

1. Selecting the country of study
2. Selecting universities and/or course i.e. Program of study
3. Appearing for the required prerequisite tests like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, PTE, GMAT etc.
4. Helping in the process of recommendation letters ( LOR)
5. Preparing Essays and Statement of Purpose (SOP) / Statement of Intent ( SOI)
6. Guidance regarding Collecting all the required school, college or university transcripts. 
7. Filling out the application forms as per the norms of the respective University. 
8. Helping in Language ability tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc. and thereafter Reporting these various test scores to the university
9. On the arrival of the letter of Acceptance LOA from different, We assist in Selection process too.
With so many options in hands,  it gets overwhelming and most of us do not know where to start and fail to invest time on an important component of the application process. Hence the applications process being really time-consuming for a layman also divert a student's focus from mainstream education.
We at Career Trajectory guide individually, asking questions of importance and focussing on the important areas that requires work after doing the student profiling. We thereafter investment time, effort and energy in strong Portfolio building. This is our field of specialization. This process of filtering and bridging gaps for better decision capabilities is the backbone of a strong successful college/ University application at Undergraduate, postgraduate level and beyond.

  • What is Career Counselling?
    Career Counselling / Career Guidance is a comprehensive, right-based development approach which is designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices, which in turn lead to their social, financial and emotional well-being. Career Guidance is a process by which an adolescent makes a successful transition from school to higher education and finally into the workforce. The process involves exploring different careers, knowing the different pathways to careers, opportunities available, earning levels, and the time period required. Further it involves knowing one’s strengths and interest, matchmaking one’s own potential to the world of careers and then selecting the right courses and colleges, the process to apply and finally the ways to finance his/her education.
  • How is Career Counselling done?
    Career counselling services are provided by highly experienced and qualified professionals. Career counselors guide students in building awareness about various careers, make an unbiased evaluation of a students’ psychometric assessment and support in making a uniformed decision. Career Trajectory charters its career guidance on three key main steps: 1. Building awareness about various career fields 2. Evaluating students’ psychometric assessment report 3. Help in finding the right career fit which is unique for every student
  • Who Needs Career Counselling?
    Career planning can be overwhelming for anyone. To make this process more inclusive and knowledgeable,Career Trajectory counsellors are well qualified to get you prepared for your future endeavours. Hence, If you are in class 10th or concluding 10 th and want to decide which stream to choose If you have just completed class 12th and have not decided which career stream to follow If you have decided your career stream after 12 th class but are not sure of the academic stream for the career If you are not sure or confident of your career path If you want to explore alternative career paths We do career career guidance for undergraduates and postgraduates too. We help in various competitive examinations preparation from ace teachers. Then you must consult a career counsellor to help you get the right direction in the right career field.
  • When is the right time for Career Counselling?
    The time is always right to get a telescopic view of your strengths and capabilities which ultimately directs you to the right career. Mostly students who have recently entered class 10th or 12th can benefit right from the beginning. Therefore, it is best if you are always one step ahead of time. Career Counseling services can be effective if you start early. It equips you with informed choices for your long term plans. It also lessens any last-minute confusion or delays. Career Trajectory makes sure you get all the required help in finding your true calling. Just like a best friend, Career Trajectory will guide you in the right direction, let you decide what is best for you, and support you in all the inevitable challenges..
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