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Hide and Seek

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

Steve Jobs

—  Steve Jobs

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Vanshikha Sharma, Engineer

After some sessions with Monica ma’am, I understood things and had clarity for seeking a new career path. She listened to me, understood my problems and guided me in the right direction. She helped me see my strengths and weakness and thus enabled me towards the direction best befitting me. She showed compassion towards me and challenged me to be the better version of myself. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a clear goal path for themselves. Today I stand, highly recommending her to those who seek clarity am grateful to her for the guidance which brought  me today to SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Batch 2021.

Sanchita Mittal, Nigeria

I would like to congratulate Monica Didi on her  endeavour. I really want to thank her for lending her guidance to my daughter. She has been an excellent councillor ,guiding our daughter’s  future and taking responsibility to meet the goals expectations and competently carving out a path that would meet with all the expectations resulting in a success story. Her experience in the academic field , her pleasing nature and ability to empathise and identify the personality of the seekers is her biggest strength. Her talent in making instant bond facilitates an environment of comfort and results in an enriching experience. For us, she has been  just like a light in the dark tunnel. Wishing her and the team the very best.

Mohit Mittal, Father

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Anshudeep Sharda, Mgt. Student

Met Monica Sachdeva ma’am two years back while pursuing my post-graduation. She is one of those humans who has patiently equipped me to handle my professional life while providing me with positive motivation and guidelines . At the time I met her, I was clueless about my career path. Interactions and formal sessions with her , I overcame my dilemmas and gained clarity which helped me identify my calling, which was Social Sector and Entrepreneurship. I applied for MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from NMIMS Mumbai. Today, I run budding start-up which is a creative agency and artist/event management company. Also, now my company has a ready to float business plan of a social enterprise. Am grateful to Monika Ma'am for patiently carving out my path and guiding me to be able to climb the ladders of success in my professional world . I can proudly say not only its giving me success but also immense happiness to be connected to my calling. 

Naaz Malik, BBA Student at  University of the Fraser Valley

Today when no one has time to hear, guide and motivate students towards adopting a path that will help in actualisation of individual goals which will lead to satisfaction, I feel blessed to have met an enterprising woman Monica Sachdeva who selflessly gave me time and guidance to get me where I stand today. I can confidently say that she has not been only been a counsellor but also a mentor to me and played both role to perfection. I have a long association with Ma’am , my journey with her started from my tenth grade and she has been instrumental in helping me adapt to changes in my life and guiding me to take decisions that are rational and practical rather than impulsive in nature. This period of counselling and guidance has evolved in a relationship of trust and great bonding which has enabled me to communicate with great clarity and confidence with her.

Since the day I met her and until today I look up to her in each climb of my life and with my closed eyes I know I can count on her and her team for valuable advise and guidance.  I would highly recommend her to those who are in search of genuine and valuable advice to make a successful and satisfactory story for those who dream big. I thank her and her handpicked team for all the time , love , guidance and patient mentoring reminding us that there is no success without hard work and a strong will. 

I will be Grateful Forever! 

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Raghav Saini
Computer Science Engineer & Management Professional

I am really grateful to my counsellors who have always been there for me in my journey to become a successful software engineer. Career trajectory has helped me enhance my skills through by identifying and enhancing skills which would empower me and upskill core life skills to be a good professional. It is my privilege to have met Monica Ma’am and I would like to express my gratitude and share my experience with her. The rock strong leadership of the counselling committee under the vision of Mrs. Monica has worked as a catalyst in my road to success.


Currently my job role as a Product Manager at Stones2milestones has evoked a deep sense of gratitude ad respect to my counsellors who selflessly worked hard to strengthen me and guide. Today I can empathise, and I want to be able to give back the same support I got when I was stuck to the children I am working with through the Ed Tech company. Thank you, Monica Ma’am,

Samar Singh Virdi, Architect

Meeting Monica Maam was a great experience. She helped me to overcome my maths phobia. She clarified all the doubts we had regarding the subject choice who further helped us in getting assured guidance . All of it helped us prepare well and give an entrance exam JEE MAINS. We successfully cleared that and stood fifth in Union Territory of Chandigarh and now I am happily pursuing Bachelors in Architecture. From Chandigarh College of Architecture,CHANDIGARH


Ayush Sharda
B.Sc.Microbiology , P.U.

You have been a valuable and insightful guide in choosing my career . We met in grade 12 th and your able guidance and counselling helped me selecting diverse selection of course for
my under graduation. Today I am a final year student pursuing Bachelors of Science in Microbiology  from Punjab University. 
Thank you

Samuel Williams

I have completed my Field work training of first year under your supervision with permission granted by IGNOU. With the help of this letter I want to thank you so much for all the encouragement and support you gave to me . It means so much that despite having obligations as a teacher, faculty member, student organization advisor, and family member, you still made time to coach me. And the best part about it all is that you help so many other students, too, this is the sign of real, true and good teacher for me. I have learn so many best things from you, you are a sign of humanity

You always ready for all social work cause, you brought the reffel tickets of Christmas fate and give it to me for my field work agency children, so that they enjoy Christmas fate which was organised by YWCA. IGNOU is a distance learning centres. I heard friends saying that Monica Sachdeva is a very good teacher. Students respect your authority, yet felt comfortable enough to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss as if everyone inside the classroom was equal. That’s an environment that only few students get to truly experience and i feel you are sach a kind heart person.Thank you for making the lesson relevant. Your counseling session structured by IGNOU every Sunday in USOL building of Panjab University  were so much easier to remember because you presented the opportunity to relate them to something we already knew. With every new lesson or term you explained, you gave a current real-life example. Most of these examples came from popular news stories, sports headlines, and entertainment topics, which helped even more.

I think you have some special God gifted skills the way you teach your students, You genuinely showed concern and interest in your students. I am proud to be your student, you
 are my favorite professor because I believe you do more than what is required of you as an instructor.  I would like to congratulate you for your GOLD MEDAL which you recently received from the authority. We all proud to have you as Teacher in IGNOU.

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