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Meaning of Trajectory The curve that a body (such as a planet or comet in its orbit or a rocket) describes in space. We strongly believe that the career path should be well planned and progressive for a successful life- an upward career trajectory.

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About Us

Our Logo is Our Vision

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Career Trajectory with Monica was the brainchild of Er. Monica Sachdeva, who is the Founder of this sole proprietorship firm. During her decade long Counselling Career,  she came across hundreds of clients. She realized that most of the students & professionals alike have difficulty in recognition of their latent talents, fear of following one's s heart and passion, enhancing one's skill set and knowledge regarding the career progression as well as job/labour market makes them feel as puzzled as in a Jantar Mantar. Career Trajectory with Monica is the best career consultancy out there.


We specialize in student applications abroad to the best universities in the world and our proven success rate is unbeatable. With our help you will reach your educational goals and find the career path that's right for you. Which of the image of the puzzle here appeals you? 

Most of our students feel that taking our Career Coaching has helped them to feel  empowered in RIGHT DECISION MAKING and STRATEGIC CAREER PLANNING to progress.





We requested our design team to design our logo as a Person searching for his career path or Trajectory in a maze . It depicts 3 paths for a person to follow  , with our help s/he can follow a as straight as arrow path high lighted by the colour Orange( Saffron).
Color Description:
The color Saffron ( derived from the Arabic word Zaffaran) can exude positivity and boosts the people' s energy. Saffron is a tone of golden yellow and orange resembling the color of the tip of the saffron crocus thread, from which the spice saffron is derived. It so symbolizes the blessings of our Gurus and Sages. If there is any color that symbolizes all aspects of Hinduism, it is Saffron - the color of fire. Fire burns away the darkness and brings light and it is symbolic of knowledge burning up the ignorance. In Indian national flag each color represents something different - Saffron color represents courage and sacrifice.

In the Early 20th Century, the scope of educational guidance was limited to school dropouts, retarded children, learning and behaviour patterns.
But today Education Psychology is a well researched branch of psychology and Counselling & Family Therapy have emerged as the need of the hour in today's s fast paced Modern life and Society.

We provide  expert Career guidance services from Certified Psychologists & Social Workers through in- person and online mode

Stream Selection 
Subject Selection
College Selection
Student Profiling 
Career Assessment
Career Progression
Career Counselling
Internships/ CO-OP
​Career Change Advise
Student Career Services
Strong Portfolio Building
Resume Writing Guidance
Statement of Purpose Writing Guidance
Helping in relevant Community Service Record 
University Application to UG/PG courses in US, UK and Canada 
Art/ Architecture Portfolio Guidance and Review from Experts



Meet Our Team


Monica Sachdeva
Founder & Sole Proprietor
Career Trajectory with Monica

B.E, M.B.A, MSW (All India Rank 1 and Gold Medallist), NET Qualified in field of Social Work, Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics, Certificate in Guidance, Certificate in Vivekananda Studies (Gold Medallist) , Career Counselling certification- By UCLA extension & Univariety , Former Academic Counsellor with IGNOU, Certified Career Career Strategist, Certified Work-Life Strategist, Certified Resume Strategist from Career Professionals of Canada. Global Career Counsellor Certified from UCLA extn US & Univariety Hyerabad

She is a gold medalist in Masters in Social Work with All  India #1 Ranking from IGNOU, and Gold medallist in Certificate Course in Vivekananda Studies (P.U.) too. Being an accomplished counselling professional with ten years of professional experience in the field, she has helped hundreds of students in college and University Applications in India and abroad. She is a qualified engineer, who has enriched her knowledge with extensive learning in varied fields especially emphasising on Career counselling and guidance for students. She strives to help her students to carve a niche by helping young minds find the path ahead and embrace the journey of life equipping them with the right skills, tools and strategies to befit a challenging professional world. Being NET qualified in the field of Social work, She has been an Academic Counsellor with  IGNOU, Chandigarh for a period of two years and  a sole proprietor in the field of manufacturing for more than 20 years.

With a dream to bridge the ambiguity in young student’s mind and a vision to guide, she founded her institute Career Trajectory  with Monica which successfully help place students in esteemed universities all over the world especially Canada. Her institute dreams of enabling students enrich their lives through facilities she has mindfully created. The institute has been equipped with experienced career coaches, facilitators for soft skills,  IELTS trainers, MUN trainers, Relationship and life Coaches, Art Therapists, Yoga Therapists etc. To help the student learn skills, knowledge and aptitude of a well integrated personality. Systematic processes like Profiling ,Portfolio building ,psychometric  tests , career mentoring to help cope with the problems imposed by tech savvy, fast paced urban society and thereafter drafting  customized learning respecting the Ideology that: Every Child is Unique" is offered in order to enable students make right professional choices right is our expertise.


"Success is 20% and 80% Strategy. You might know how to read, but more importantly, what is your plan to read?  "Jim Rohn

              Where Aspirations meet Destinations....


Book a free 15 min Online Consultation session with our counsellors by                                     dropping an email at

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