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About Us & Team

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About Us

“The achievement of an organisation is the results of the combined effort of each individual in the team”. Believing in this motto Career Trajectory with  Monica has vested her efforts in handpicking the experienced accomplished hands in the field of education, career counselling,  Yoga Meditation, Life Coach, Motivational Speakers, Soft Skills Trainer,  IELTS Trainers, Resume Strategist, Public Speaking Trainers, MUN  trainers, and guides on exams like SAT, TOEFL, etc besides helping its students in portfolio building and writing SOPs in accordance to the topmost educational institution. 

It has been the endeavour of the institution to help students identify their strengths and accomplish greater heights by providing more skill sets to equip them to climb the progressive ladder of professional success. The institution supports the idea of choosing a job that one would love and yet earn the desired results and success. The institution helps to focus on becoming a strong and influential personality – cultivate compelling communication skills, focus on building trust and learn how to expand and leverage professional networking. In the present-day world, it is of utmost importance to build a personal brand. Anyone who learns this art will know that success is not far away. The team has members from across varied platforms offering their expertise and knowledge through, one on one interaction,  road mapping and customising the path to meet the needs of the learners. No career counsellor can help guide and support unless one knows that his or her own aim, purpose and passion of what one wants from life thus it is imperative to identify it and the institutions meticulously through  step by step processes, helps students achieve it

Meaning of Trajectory

  1. The curve that a body (such as a planet or comet in its orbit or a rocket) describes in space.

  2. A path, progression, or line of development resembling a physical trajectory an upward career trajectory.



Career Development Mentoring brings with it many benefits to the mentee, especially for students facing environmental problems and behavioural issues. A mentoring program for career development is inclusive of various elements which assist in the development of various facets of skill sets required for a desired career path. The process involves performing a rough SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses,  Opportunities and Challenges) analysis of mentee and then trying to match the mentee with the desired mentor to enable learning and enhancement of skills. A mentor can assist the mentee by providing training to overcome their challenges and strengthen their skills. The mentors clearly define the career goals, and they are documented which enables to achieve a success rate towards the desired aim. 


By creating  SMART goals with the mentors, we stay in focus as well as it helps build trust and gives direction to the intended path with a defined timeline. The right mentorship program can become a powerful tool – it can result in great success rate and a satisfactory outcome. During the program, the mentee get acquainted with their goal, what to look up to, awareness about one’s strengths and abilities and scope of improvement. Career Trajectory with Monica offers one on one mentoring sessions with students dealing with fear, anxiety, relationship management, stress management, communication skills and talking right, dressing appropriately, Vedic maths and many such areas of expertise. The learning outcomes that will be seen is improved scores, increased confidence, and enhanced personality with the ability to handle situations mindfully. 


These programs available with us are on quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis programs .

About Us

Our Vision

Untitled design.png

Career Trajectory with Monica was the brainchild of Er. Monica Sachdeva, who is the Founder of this sole proprietorship firm. During her decade long Counselling Career,  she came across hundreds of clients. She realized that most of the students & professionals alike have difficulty in recognition of their latent talents, fear of following one's s heart and passion, enhancing one's skill set and knowledge regarding the career progression as well as job/labour market makes them feel as puzzled as in a Jantar Mantar.

Hence, we requested our design team to design our logo as a Person searching for his career path or Trajectory in a maze .

It depicts 3 paths for a person to follow  , with our help s/he can follow a as straight as arrow path high lighted by the colour Orange( Saffron).

Color Description

The color Saffron ( derived from the Arabic word Zaffaran) can exude positivity and boosts the people' s energy. Saffron is a tone of golden yellow and orange resembling the color of the tip of the saffron crocus thread, from which the spice saffron is derived. It so symbolizes the blessings of our Gurus and Sages. If there is any color that symbolizes all aspects of Hinduism, it is Saffron - the color of fire. Fire burns away the darkness and brings light and it is symbolic of knowledge burning up the ignorance. In Indian national flag each color represents something different - Saffron color represents courage and sacrifice.

In the Early 20th Century, the scope of educational guidance was limited to school dropouts, retarded children,learning and behaviour patterns.

But today Education Psychology is a well researched branch of psychology and Counselling & Family Therapy have emerged as the need of the hour in today's s fast paced Modern life and Society.

At CAREER TRAJECTORY  with Monica, 😊

We provide Career guidance services through in- person and online mode.Our specializes career mentorship services range from Career Assessment,  Career Counselling , Career Counselling, Stream Selection, Subject Selection, College Selection and University Application in India as well as abroad especially Canada.

As a  guide, we help students from grade 8th onwards to understand their potential, enhance their skills and define their career path with a successful and focussed approach. We have a proven track record of success applications to Universities abroad.



Meet Our Team

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Monica, Founder & Director at Career Trajectory

B.E, M.B.A, MSW (All India Rank 1 and Gold Medallist), NET Qualified in field of Social Work, Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics, Certificate in Guidance, Certificate in Vivekananda Studies (Gold Medallist) , Career Counselling certification- By UCLA extension & Univariety , Former Academic Counsellor with IGNOU, Certified Career Development Practitioner from Canada. SuperCounsellor with Univariety

She is a gold medalist in Masters in Social Work with All  India #1 Ranking from IGNOU, and Gold medallist in Certificate Course in Vivekananda Studies (P.U.) too. Being an accomplished counselling professional with ten years of professional experience in the field, she has helped hundreds of students in college and University Applications in India and abroad. She is a qualified engineer, who has enriched her knowledge with extensive learning in varied fields especially emphasising on Career counselling and guidance for students. She strives to help her students to carve a niche by helping young minds find the path ahead and embrace the journey of life equipping them with the right skills, tools and strategies to befit a challenging professional world. Being NET qualified in the field of Social work, She has been an Academic Counsellor with  IGNOU, Chandigarh for a period of two years and  a sole proprietor in the field of manufacturing for more than 20 years.

With a dream to bridge the ambiguity in young student’s mind and a vision to guide, she founded her institute Career Trajectory  with Monica which successfully help place students in esteemed universities all over the world especially Canada. Her institute dreams of enabling students enrich their lives through facilities she has mindfully created. The institute has been equipped with experienced career coaches, facilitators for soft skills,  IELTS trainers, MUN trainers, Relationship and life Coaches, Art Therapists, Yoga Therapists etc. To help the student learn skills, knowledge and aptitude of a well integrated personality. Systematic processes like Profiling ,Portfolio building ,psychometric  tests , career mentoring to help cope with the problems imposed by tech savvy, fast paced urban society and thereafter drafting  customized learning respecting the Ideology that: Every Child is Unique" is offered in order to enable students make right professional choices right from grade 8 to postgraduate level is our USP as well as expertise.
Er. Monica Sachdeva
Qualifications: B.E, M.B.A, MSW (Gold Medalist), NET Qualified in field of Social Work, , Post Graduate Diploma in Statistics, Certificate in Guidance, Certificate in Vivekananda Studies,
certified Career Development Practitioner from Canada, GCC from Univariety &UCLA ,US, member of Super Counsellor+ 

Our Team


Gurneet Sagoo, Legal Advisor & Coach

Gurneet is an expert at Civil law and is actively practicing at Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh. She is deeply passionate about law and is the First Generation lawyer from her family fighting all odds.  She has done her schooling from Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie. Her versatile interests led her to pursue Law and English (Hons.) from the esteemed Panjab University, Chandigarh. 

Her dynamic and impeccable leadership skills and empathetic nature has led her to independently practice law at this young age. She has gained experience from some of the most highly reputed advocates in this field. 

Gurneet is also the founder and managing partner of her legal firm named “Three legal and Co.”, having clientele from all over India as well as Abroad. 

She has also helped a-lot of high school students to  Crack the Entrance exams for Law School admissions and has given her able guidance to the young budding future lawyers. 

Apart from the profession, Gurneet has passion for Art and loves to paint in her freetime.

Rakhi Singh, Yoga Therapist

 A successful trained yoga practitioner, who has devoted ten years into this journey of coaching for physical and spiritual wellbeing is known in her circle to be one of the best teachers one could get. Her passion to connect with yogic healings has led her to expand her world of knowledge from yoga to naturopathy and pranic healing studies. She has diversified her knowledge and skills to learning new ways to holistically heal seeker while encouraging them  to learn the ways of yogic sciences and encouraging them to apply in the day to day functioning. Apart from coaching in yoga ,she specialises in  acupressure as well. She joins the team of Career Trajectory with Monica to enrich and enhance lifestyles in today’s times and equip with tools to deal with the fast pace life. Her current work included her new venture ,an e-book for her followers on Therapeutic Yoga for Teenagers and youngsters.


Qualifications: M.A. science of Living ,Preksha Meditation and Yoga , B.A.


Rooma Bansal, Career Mentor

A competent HR and Operations professional with over 13.5 years of rich experience in the corporate world, Educational field and NGO. Her job profile includes recruitment cycle, Training, Induction Program, Record keeping related to HR functions, coordinating admin & HR activities, Planning & scheduling, Event Management etc. Roma has extensive exposure to multiple aspects of HR and Operations functions including strategic initiatives, leadership development, employee engagement and talent acquisition. She has proven her competence in setting up new strategies and supporting business growth to achieve a sustainable and profitable outcome.

She is a Subject matter expert in Human Resource Management, Social Work and Education she has been associated with IGNOU since 2018 as counsellor and evaluator for Management and Social work programs a freelance academic and education consultant.


Qualification: MBA (HR & Marketing),B.Ed., MSW and MA( Education)

Sonal A singh, Art Therapist

She is a freelance artist and art instructor. She has been in practice for 25 years now. She
has to her credit a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters in History of Art, followed by many mini researches on child art, the theory of colour and the developmental formative stages of growth in drawing and painting for children between 4 to 18 years of age. She has been practising in Chandigarh and has held many workshops around tri-city and other parts of the country like
Bangalore, Delhi and Gurgaon. She has also participated in group shows and has 6 solo shows to my credit and one major show at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Mrs Sonal has been invited as a Guest Artist by numerous colleges and schools for lectures and demonstrations on art and sketching. Every year she holds a show which is in 2 parts- A child art show and a show for adults. She curates the whole show to communicate with the outside world. Ms Sonal run a fully equipped independent studio, with a team of artists under me. She is a full-time painter. She also does commission art works as well for clients all over the globe. Recently, she has been giving online lessons.

Qualifications: BFA. IN PAINTING

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Jyotsna Jaswal, Soft-Skill Trainer & Certified Image Consultant

Jyotsna Jaswal is an educationist and a soft skill coach who aspires to be a life enhancer by providing training in the field of Soft Skills and Image Management apart from being an academic trainer. Her journey is enriched with her armed forces background wherein the organisations inherent high social behaviour standards, work ethics and selfless ethos has enriched her experiences. By virtue of travelling to various places, which enabled her to understand and empathise with her learners. Her rich background of being a trainer for ladies and children of diverse background enabled her to contribute to their education, social welfare, emotional development and social responsibilities. Her enthusiastic approach to work, her happy and vibrant personality with extraordinary control over the language has facilitated her in accomplishing her professional goals in the past. She is trained in communication skills, resume writing and interview skills, personal brand building and body language skills as her forte. Apart from these skill enhancement techniques, she blends the soft skills with image building tools to create a powerful first impression.

Qualifications: BA & MA (Economics), Pune University, PGDM in HR & PR Chennai University, B.Ed. , Soft Skill and Image Consultant ( ICBI)

Varsha Malvia, Art Therapist 

A passionate artist by profession with a rich experience in teaching art since 2005 in various institutions, colleges and universities. She has bagged many National Level Awards and recognitions in the field. She has held exhibitions across Chandigarh in reputed clubs She has been a host to many art exhibitions and workshops. She has even been invited as a judge to reputed Art Contests in the tricity.


As a facilitator to her learners, she has been able to instil the motivation and knowledge leading to achieve recognitions and awards for their work. To add a feather to her hat, she has been awarded the best teacher's award in India. Her philosophy in life is “Art is everywhere and a great source to heal and express”, which has extended her passion and knowledge to using art as a medium of therapy and stress relief programs. Besides ,she helps students to Make Art portfolios for  various Fine Arts and design entrance exams along with preparation for Architecture portfolios in India as well as abroad. She has been working under the agesis of her own brand  Ashakriti Arts.


Chhaya Sharma, Career Mentor and Motivational Speaker

Chhaya Sharma an educationist and a motivational speaker who has diversified and enriched her skills in various fields and aims to bring value to those who reach out to her for direction and guidance. She has been a working professional since 2001 particularly in the field of English language as a lecturer. She has contributed immensely in the field of career counselling, writing and been a facilitator for the essential right life skills. Her strength lies in her vibrant persona which enables her to motivate and connect to her audience with ease. She has been an achiever and backed by awards and recognitions from prestigious universities, institutions and has also been awarded twice, letter of appreciation by Ministry of Human Resource Development  for her contributions to the sector in her life’s journey. She is our head of Career Mentorship program for counsellees facing anger, memory, learning, family and peer problems to name a few.

With her enriched teaching experience of 19 years, she has been motivating the students to excel in academic as well as co curricular activities.

Qualifications: Master of education from USOL, M.A. (English) Punjab University, Diploma in Swami Vivekananda Studies

Dr. Jyoti Marwah, Campus guru cum head Career Mentor for Graduate and PhD Students

Dr Jyoti Marwah has a decade long career in teaching with educating students in schools, colleges and universities, respectively; wherein, she has also worked as an IELTS trainer with British Counsel and TEC Mohali for two years.  Also, an experience of eight years spanning over in research, especially focusing on empirical studies. A firm believer of the fact ‘incurable learner’ she believes that learning is a life long activity and a two-way process. Therefore, she has not only ascended the academic ladder but focused to upgrade herself with the subjects of Public Administration, Economics and Public Policy through her presentations and publications at national and international seminars and journals at Indian Institute of Public administration, New Delhi; Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; IIM Indore; Panjab University, Chandigarh; University of Rajasthan, Jaipur; IIS University, Jaipur; UPES University, Dehradoon; JOOAG, etc. are a few a notable mentions. Moreover, her quest for writing and knowledge ever expansive, as to abreast herself with the latest topics of social sciences she has been involved with IGNOU, New Delhi; USOL, Panjab University, Chandigarh; Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra; Swayam, MHRD and e-pathshala, MHRD as a content writer for eight years. Apart from she she has attended multiple workshops organized by CBSE, ICSSR, Uttrakhand University, University of Rajasthan, etc. to learn the dimensions of empirical study. Furthermore, Dr Marwah has conducted seminars on topics such as Communication, Leadership, Elections, etc.

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